Cartier Worldwide Gala “Etourdissant”

High jewellery gala
2015, National Arts Gallery, Singapore

In 2015, Cartier presented it's new high-jewellery collection "Etourdissant" in Singapore. Following a series of events, the highlight of the launch was a two-night gala dinner and jewellery show.

Instead of the traditional catwalk, the models presented the collection by following a choreographed path between the tables, occasionally stopping to pose with the crystal shaped totems. The crystal objects were built of two-way acrylic mirrors and hidden LED panels. The image projected on the LED panel is reflected inside the object, thus creating a kaleidoscope like effect that can be viewed from any angle 360 degrees around.

Role in the project: Art direction and stage design
Animations: Aurélien Lafargue (Nature Graphique)
Sound design: Mourad Bennacer
Event producer: Visionnaire Pte Ltd
Technical partner: Trio AV Pte Ltd
Client: Cartier Singapore