Light installation & projection mapping
2018, Zsolnay Light Art Festival, Pécs, Hungary

The Empyreum is a place in the highest heavens, where the luminous phenomena of the sky come from.

The Evangelical church of Pécs accommodates an interactive light experiment, where the guests are not only observers, but can also be the shapers of the creation. The harmony of robotic lamps and projectors creates connection between heaven, earth, humans and technology in such a way that beside present motifs, also the long forgotten bells of the church are evoked.

The artwork debuted at the 2018 Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs, Hungary

Concept: Gaspar Battha & Daniel Besnyő
Artists: Gaspar Battha, Daniel Besnyő, Atilla Németh, István Hollós, Patrik Kiss
Partners: Visualpower Kft., VJ Centrum Budapest, Centrum Budapest, Secret Mapping Experiment, BlurBoyz, Harman-Kardon
Special Thanks: Colossal Rental + ROBE and Vizual Tipp