Sustainable urban development

Interactive game installation, projection mapping
2016, Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany

This installation named "Sustainable urban development" is an interactive game exhibited permanently at the Level Green exhibition of the Autostadt, Volkswagen’s theme park and communications platform in Wolfsburg. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can learn about the consequences of climate change, the importance of sustainability for the economy and society, mobility concepts for the future and Volkswagen’s specific approaches towards sustainability. Covering about 1000 square metres, the exhibition space is divided into six themed areas. With a total of 25 media exhibits, various starting points are offered to actively engage with the topic and discover practices that each individual can adopt for sustainable development. Read more about the exhibition.

This installation is targeting potential ways to sink CO2 emission in big cities. Players can take measures as citizens, investors or legislators, see the effect projected on the city model and get an evaluation of their decisions.

Role in the project: Co-artdirection, animations, projection-mapping
Producer: ART+COM Studios
Client: Autostadt