Patterns of Harmony

Projection mapping on a sculpture built of acrylic glass, rear-projection foil and semi-transparent mirror foil, 2014

When we zoom in or out of nature we find recurrent, familiar shapes such as spheres, triangles, pentagons, and combinations of them. We use these shapes as conceptual tools to define reality, and can therefore consider them as building blocks of the universe. But does the way we perceive spaces and objects actually derive from the universe itself, or is it only an illusion produced by the human sensory system?

Patterns of Harmony seeks the answer to this question by taking a path along the elemental beauty of our nature, all the way to a place far beyond the perceptivity of the human mind: a mesmerising experience as a fractal of illusions, light and reflections, showing you intriguing morphing shapes that are (not?) really there.

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Master-project, UdK Berlin
Consultant: Prof. Joachim Sauter
Music: Andras Toth

With the great help of:
Bori Csontos