Interactive light sculpture

2022, Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs, Hungary
2023, Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Latin: per- (“through”) + capiō (“grasp, seize; understand”).

The concept of perception originates from the Latin word “percipio”, which translates to the physical act of “grasping” and thereby the concept of understanding. It is almost as if touch was the most basic sensory source to understand our world, and all our other senses derive from here.

Touch is one of the first senses we experience. We grow in constant physical contact with our mother and touch is our first means of communication. Touch is the point of contact between imagination and grounding, it connects us to physical reality. But touch is also a metaphor for emotions: even without a physical connection, we might say something is touching. Touch is deeply connected to the soul and our sense of reality.

The installation invites viewers to make physical connection with an invisible, ethereal human figure, where the figure reveals itself and becomes visible upon touch and make our senses become interchanged. We can't see the person but we can still touch it. We don’t feel the touch but can still see it. So where is the point of connection between our senses and reality?

Touch designer programming by Andras Nagy
Commisioned by: Zsolnay Light Festival