Projection mapping
2018, Reformed Great Church, Debrecen, Hungary

Commissioned artwork realised as part of the Nights of Lights festival during the 2018 Flower Carnival of Debrecen. The work experiments with the contrast of weight and lightness and how morphing states of matter constructs (or tricks) our perception of this.

Watch the whole event here!

Organized and curated by: László Zsolt Bordos
Artists: András Nagy, Cyril Meroni, Filip Roca, Gaspar Battha, László Zsolt Bordos

Festival organizer: Főnix Public Benefit Event Organizer Ltd. as part of the: “NIGHTS OF LIGHTS” festival during the Flower Carnival of Debrecen
Videotechnical team: VisualPower Ltd / Technical director: Ferenc Sárkány / Server: Zsolt Libor / Projectionist: Viktor Drimmer
Festival organizer: Edit Bódor / Technical Coordination: László Bodnár
Technical Support: András Schmid & Christie Digital
Laser scan based 3D modelling: Dániel Szalkó
PA and mastering: Lukas Taido